Plans & Pricing

The results you get from your advertising campaigns will vary as they depend on an array of factors ranging from budget, ad descriptive and keyword targeting. Knowing how to apply these parameters is quite critical to the success of your campaigns.

Our plans have been carefully created to accomodate advertisers at all levels; whether your budget is little or you want to go ballistic, we have got you covered.
Starting from N2,000
  • Account Manager: No
  • Support: Email
  • Ad Type: PPC, CPA
  • Free Banner Design: No
  • Keyword Research: No
  • Stats Analysis & Recommendations: Yes
Starting from N150,000
  • Account Manager: Yes
  • Support: Phone & Email
  • Ad Type: CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions)
  • Free Banner Design: One (300x250)px interactive banner
  • Keyword Research: Yes
  • Stats Analysis & Recommendations: Yes
  • Important Note: Ads run on this plan are displayed on Premium traffic sites that have a minimum daily traffic of 100,000 impressions.
  • Contact us for the cost based on the banner size(s) of your choice and the volume you intend to purchase.
Starting from N1,000,000
  • Complete Digital Marketing Strategy
  • - Online Advertising
  • - Email Marketing
  • - Mobile Marketing (SMS)
  • - Social Media Advertising
  • Our Premium Plan will have us help you develop a complete digital marketing strategy using a mix of different media.

About Us

NG Adverts is a robust online advertising platform that allows you easily display your adverts on the top national daily websites and thousands of other high traffic websites. Whether you want to reach new clients, promote your product/service OR you want to make money from your website or app, NG Adverts(the Top Nigerian Ads Network) has got you covered.

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