Get Your Own Social Network Website

It's no longer news that social media (Facebook, Twitter, Nairaland etc) is a billion dollar industry. You can start building yours today and get your share of the profit from social media industry.


Activity Stream

Members can share their status, upload photos, post videos, create events and more.
They can like, share, comment and keep in touch with their friends.


Members can contact each other privately, reply, delete messages and block members.


Groups can share videos, photos, and status updates, invite friends, schedule events and hold important discussions.

Profile Apps

Add profile apps to profiles, including a Twitter feed, RSS feed and more.


Our powerful share box allows your members to post text, videos and photos, embed content from other sites and share moods and location.


Receive real-time alerts on new comments, likes, friend requests and messages. Keep your members engaged and interested all the time.


Easy-to-use photo galleries make profiles fun to browse, comment on and view.

Admin Interface

A powerful admin interface that delivers full control over your community.


Create custom profile questions for your community. Members can add cover photos and avatars.


Members can schedule events, invite friends and easily keep track of their real-life meetings.


Members can easily share videos from all the major video hosting sites, including YouTube, Vimeo and many others.
We import the title and description automatically.

Additional Features

There are a ton of other features packed in this software.

Choose Any Plan

You are free to upgrade to any plan at any time.


₦3,500/ month
  • Social Network Design
  • + Only 728x90 HTML Ads at the top of the site (Google Adsense, NG Adverts etc)
  • + Administrator frontend access
  • + 5 email addresses ( e.g., etc )


₦5,000/ month
  • + Social Network Design
  • + Place any size of HTML ads on the site (Google Adsense, NG Adverts etc)
  • + Full access - frontend and backend
  • + Blog
  • + Unlimited email addresses


₦180,000/ one time payment
  • + Social Network Design
  • + Place any size of HTML ads on the site (Google Adsense, NG Adverts etc)
  • + Full access - frontend and backend
  • + Cpanel access
  • + Blog
  • + 1 year Unlimited Email addresses
  • + 1 year Unlimited Hosting
  • + 1 year Unlimited Bandwidth

About Us

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