How To Create and Publish Native Ads On Your Blog

One of the joys of every blogger is to make money consistently from his/her publishing efforts. This is one of the things NG Adverts was designed to do; to create and maintain a profitable ecosystem for both Advertisers and Publishers.

In our quest to stay true to our goals, we have added Native Ads to our array of advertising options which is known to have higher earning potential and CTR compared to display banner ads. In this post, I will show how you can setup and start displaying Native Ads on your blog. here we go.

I will want to assume you have already registered your account on NG Adverts and have had your site approved. If you haven't yet, Sign Up to get started.


Moving forward, here's what to do next.

1. Create Your Ad Code

To do this, go to Publisher > Ad Codes > Create

Create NG Adverts Ad Code


From the Ad Display option, select Native from the drop (this step is very important; don't miss it.)

Create NG Adverts Native Ads Code


After that, fill in other fields/select the options as you desire as shown in the screenshot below.

Setup native ad code

Header Text: You can change the text to what you want to display.

Targeting Site: Select the site you want to display the Native Ads on; only approved sites will display in the list.

Ad Type: Select the Text+Image option (recommended)

Select Ad Layout: Choose the layout you want depending on the size of the space where the native ads will be displayed.

Ad Image Dimension: Choose any image dimension of your choice; however, we recommend the 300x170

Custom CSS and JS: You can insert your own CSS and JS code to make your ads blend better with your site if they don't already. (Note: Use this option only if you know what you are doing)

Make Ad Responsive: Select this option to make ads fit well into your site anytime visitors view it either via desktop or on mobile.


After clicking on the Create Ad Code button, your unique code will be generated which you can now paste on your blog's html area where you want the native ads to display.


Native ads:

1. Will help your site's SEO by reducing your bounce rate

2. Is not intrusive compared to display banner ads as it just blends with your site's content

3. Will increase your ads Click Through Rate (CTR) and 

4. Will ultimately make you more advertising money.


As a recommendation, I advice that you use a mix of display banner ads plus native ads and see what works best for your site.

...and if you are wondering if the articles in the box just below this article are native ads, you are definitely not wrong. So get started and increase your site earnings through native ads.

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