Traffic Is Good But Conversion Is Better

Have you run ads before and wondered why you make little or no sale?

If your answer is 'Yes', then you need to take a critical look at your traffic and conversion system.

You see, every successful marketing or advertising campaign (whether offline or online) is working on a clearly

The 5 Laws Of Disruptive Marketing

I’m about to hand over to you the 5 holy grail of marketing.

Buckle your seat belt, child of God, because what I’m about to show you is the 5 Core laws you need to master if you want to be ultimately good, not just in marketing, but in making

How To Setup Your Online Advertising For Best Performance

How To Setup And Optimize Your Digital Marketing Campaigns For Best Performance

The strategies I will be sharing here can be used not only on NG Adverts but also on any other ad network like Adwords, Facebook, Instagram and the likes.

You see, knowing how to target your ads on any ad network is very critical to help you maximize every dime

How To Increase Your Sales Through Limited Product Choices

How To Increase Your Sales Through Limited Product Choices

A Jam store ran a marketing test (Jam, as in, Jam for eating bread). And results of that experiment can help you get more people to buy what you sell.

Here is how the test went down.

They announced that they were selling 24 Different flavour of Jam, and before

How Online Advertising Can Benefit Your Business

How Online Advertising Can Benefit Your Business

If you are yet to get started with promoting your business through online advertising, probably because you don't know why you should advertise online, here are some benefits you need to know.

1. Online Advertising Is Fast, Flexible And Trackable

As opposed to other types of marketing, you can have

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