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One thing Multilevel Marketers understand is numbers; they know that the more prospects they get,  the more their chances of increasing the number of prospects who will subscribe to their program and so they are constantly searching for new leads to sign up. This basic principle cuts across all facets of business because not everyone you tell about your business will take action immediately; but, you have succeeded in creating an impression in their minds on what you have to offer.

Here at NG Adverts, we are beginning to see lots of marketers use PPC Online Advertising campaigns to reach new leads as it is a cost effective way of promoting their programs online and reaching people anywhere in the world.

Here's how it is done:

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According to Wikipedia,

"Mindshare relates generally to the development of consumer awareness or popularity, and is one of the main objectives of advertising and promotion. When people think of examples of a product type or category, they usually think of a limited number of brand names. The aim of mindshare is to establish a brand as being one of the best kinds of a given product or service, and to even have the brand name become a synonym for the product or service offered."

So in other words, Mindshare is the amount of consumer awareness or popularity surrounding a particular product. It has to do with consumers' perception of a particular brand or product compared to their rivals. One of the primary goals of advertising is to make consumers think of certain brand names more than others.

Which brings me to the question:

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If you have a website and don't make a dime from it, you should Sign Up as a Publisher on NG Adverts, create and integrate your unique ad code and get paid to display the ads from advertisers. Visit our FAQ page to learn how to get started as a Publisher.

Once you have had these basics sorted out, follow the steps below to increase your earning potential.

1. Integrate and Display Your Referral Code Banners

Just like the basic principle of networking, every account on NG Adverts has a unique referral code which allows our system track when some (either a Publisher or Advertiser) signs up from your referral link. As long as their accounts are active, you will get to earn a percentage from their transactions for life. Visit the Refer and Earn page to learn more about our Referral Program.

How To Easily Get Your NG Adverts Publisher Website Request Approved

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Getting your site request approved is quite simple. Today we will share the parameters we look at before we approve a Publisher's site.

1. Onclick Ads

If you have ads embedded on your site such that when a visitor clicks on a link or on any part of your website, they are redirected to another page (which is not where your visitor intended to get to) or a pop up is activated, you are not eligible to be part of our program.

2. Profanity, Nudity and the likes

If your site has content that suggests or promotes nudity, profanity, alcoholism, racism and the likes, you are not eligible to be part of our program.

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